“Bringing Words to Life” with Bruce Beardy, Mark Haden on the “War on Drugs”, and Heart Health with Prof. Tara Haas

Thursday, July 4th edition:

Independent Arts and Culture: News Now‘s Rachelle Chau speaks with Bruce Beardy, co-ordinator of the Native Language Instructors’ Program at Lakehead University, about an article he wrote in the magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers, Professionally Speaking. “Bringing Words to Life” talks about Beardy’s conversations with other indigenous teachers at the Native Language Symposium this past January and how that helped him to become the lead writer for the Teaching Ojibwe and Teaching Oji-Cree Additional Qualification course guidelines. Listen to Beardy speak on the holistic education model found in aboriginal cultures and how it takes into account all parts of life.

[Image via professionallyspeaking.oct.ca/june_2013/…_life.html]

Feature Interview: “What would a society that didn’t criminalize drug use look like?” In part two of News Now‘s series critically analyzing drug policy, CHRY reporter Matt Prokopiw speaks with Mark Haden, a University of British Columbia professor at the School of Population and Public Health. Haden speaks on the failures of the “war on drugs” and why there needs to be “a regulated approach [taken] to current illegal drugs based on public health principles.” Hear how a criminal justice model is not an effective method to combat harmful drug use and how the Netherlands and Portugal have addressed the issues through public health policy.

[Image via www.drugfree.org/join-together/dr…rime-rate-report]

York Connect: From “Pump You Up” on CHRY’s Halftime, Host Randy Reid speaks with Tara Haas, associate professor at the York University School of Kinesiology and Health Science. Listen to Professor Haas talk about how the body and supportive organs respond to and evolve through exercise to positively enhance cardiovascular health.

[Image via nutritionalearth.blogspot.ca/2012/02/in…heart.html]


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