James Clark on Anarchism and Marxism and Drugs, Addiction, and Policy with Professor Ariel Fuenzalida

Thursday, June 27th edition:

York Connect: News Now’s Christian Deo speaks with James Clark from the York International Socialists about the differences and similarities between anarchism and marxism. Clark explains the various ways in which the two ideologies are practiced and understood and sets out to debunk the monolithic understanding of anarchism and marxism. In his critique of anarchism, Clark talks about its counter-revolutionary relationship with the state and “the difference between individual action over collective action.”

[Image via socialistorganizer.org/anarchism-vs-marxism]

Feature Interview: “Drugs are here and drugs are here to stay: the basic question is what are we going to do about it?” In part one of News Now‘s series critically analyzing drug policy, CHRY reporter Matt Prokopiw interviews Carleton University Professor Ariel Fuenzalida about the definition of drugs and the many ways in which addiction is misunderstood. Professor Fuenzalida explains how studies that are used to support restrictive drug policy are skewed and present a narrow and incomplete understanding of addiction. Listen to learn about harm reduction, decriminalization vs. legalization, the war on the “War on Drugs”, and more.

[Image via www.vanderbiltpoliticalreview.com/?p=1083]

Independent Arts and Culture: News Now’s Christian Deo speaks with James Clark from the York International Socialists about the differences and similarities between anarchism and marxism. In the second part of the conversation, Clark explains how anarchists organize and the many different kinds of anarchist movements. Listen to find out why the working class needs to be mobilized for effective revolution.

[Image via socialistorganizer.org/anarchism-vs-marxism]


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