Socialist Fightback Club, Black Creek Community Farm, and Joshua Kloke

Thursday, June 20th edition:

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(Rerun): News Now’s Joanna Beaton and Meghan MacRae talk to Jahan Nooshinravan from York University’s Socialist Fightback Club. From effective student movements to the protests in Turkey, Nooshinravan tells us how and why these events take place in the face of social oppression. Listen to find out more about the Socialist Fightback Club and their events around campus.

Feature Interview: News Now’s Christian Deo speaks with Gavin Dandy, manager of Black Creek Community Farm in the Jane-Finch neighbourhood. Dandy tells us about the work that happens at the farm and how that empowers the community by growing “real food” and generating “real money.” Listen to learn how Black Creek Community Farm synthesizes food security, environmental justice, and community organizing in the work that they do.

Independent Arts and Culture: From CHRY’s The New Wax Show, Ian Gormely interviews Joshua Kloke, music journalist and author of Escape Is At Hand-Tales of a Boy and a Band about his experiences following around The Tragically Hip.


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