Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance, Maggie’s Toronto, and lighthauspoetic

Wednesday, June 19th edition:


York Connect: News Now’s Ayushi Sharman speaks to Tharchini Vallepuram, Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance’s (CTYA) vice-president of events about the work her group does to empower youth in the Canadian Tamil diaspora. Vallepuram explains why the CTYA’s focus on Tamil culture, heritage, and language is critical amid the ongoing Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka. Listen to learn more about the genocide and Canada’s role in helping the Tamil people.

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Feature Interview: News Now’s Ayushi Sharman interviews Chanelle Gallant, communications coordinator of Maggie’s: Toronto Sex Workers Action Project. Gallant tells us about the work Maggie’s does in advocacy, peer support, harm reduction, and community building with, by and for sex workers in Toronto. She also explains how the misconceptions around sex work can affect laws and have an adverse effect on the daily lives of sex workers. Listen to hear about the realities of sex workers in Toronto and how and why Maggie’s takes an intersectional approach to their activism.

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Independent Arts and Culture: In part one of our series profiling Toronto artists who bring light to social issues, News Now’s Hailee Ingleton talks with singer and spoken word artist Duane Hall, also known as lighthauspoetic, about self-censorship in art and our daily lives. Hall shares with us his thoughts on how it is important to be authentic and real with ourselves in order to get in touch with our humanity and connect with others.

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