Walking With Our Sisters, The Canadian War on Science, and C.B.B.

On this edition:

York Connect: News Now’s Ayushi Sharman talks to York University professor Maggie Quirt about her Introduction to Social Justice class’s involvement with the project, “Walking With Our Sisters.” The project is a national, travelling art installation that aims to bring awareness to the over 600 missing or murdered indigenous women in Canada through traditional Dene beadwork. Listen to hear Quirt explain how the systemic racism within Canadian institutions has lead to such a high number of indigenous women unaccounted for.

[Image via walkingwithoursisters.ca]

Feature Interview: John Dupuis, Acting Associate University Librarian at York University, speaks with News Now’s Maggie Reid about the Canadian war on science. Dupuis talks about his recent blog post that went viral which catalogued the Conservative government’s actions over the past 5 or 6 years to defund and muzzle science and scientific research in Canada. Listen to find out how this war on science can more broadly be viewed as a war on evidence based policy-making and how that factors into the Canada’s oil and gas development interests.

[Image via scienceblogs.com/confessions]

Independent Arts and Culture: (Rerun) Talking to C.B.B. about hip-hop, their work, and the “family movement.”

[Image via cbbmg.com]


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