News Now – Monday, June 3rd Edition: Encounters in CA, Bangladesh sweatshops & The Jade Project

York Connection Report: Leanna joins with York University Professor Dr. Jennifer Dalton. She teaches in the School of Public Policy & Administration, and is Center for Refugee Studies Scholar. Jennifer is also the founder and Principle Academic Organizer of Encounters in Canada: Contrasting Indigenous and Immigrant Perspectives which was a 3 day conference that took place in May with the objective to build bridges between those who share the land of what is now Canada. Listen to hear about the conference.

Feature Interview: News Now’s Christian Deo has an in-depth discussion with York University professor Darryl Reed. He discusses the sweatshops in developing countries and the growing death toll after the factory collapse in Bangladesh. Are you familiar with companies involved? You may be surprised about the Canadian connection. [repeat] 

Independent Arts Report: Hailee Ingleton interviews Natalie Guimond, co founder of the Jade Project. The jade project is a movement to raise awareness on mental illness. Hailee finds out more about this project and the message founders Natalie and Carissa are trying to spread.

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