News Now – Tuesday, May 21st Edition

York Connection Report: Meghan MacRae speaks live over the phone with James Clark on behalf of the International Socialists. They will be discussing their upcoming event Marxism 2013 happening May 31st-June 2nd.

People’s History: Joanna Beaton looks back to the State of Alabama in May of 1961, where Governor Patterson proclaimed martial law after the freedom ride riots.

Feature Interview: News Now contributor Maggie Reid speaks with Michael Geist about Access Copyright’s lawsuit against York University.

Independent Arts Report: We have MC Jazz live in studio. MC Jazz is an anti-swagger, political queer Egyptian rapper and poet. MC Jazz’s lyrics question the social, sexual and political limitations of today’s Hip-hop scene. She creates strong messages and promotes inclusive music that speaks for those without a voice. Listen to this segment to hear her perform!

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