News Now – Monday, May 20th Edition

York Connection: Half Time’s Michael Lew speak with Andrew and Constanteen from Leave the Pack Behind, a student organization here at York University. Michael speaks with them about the groups involvement in health education and promotion on campus.

People’s History: April 20th 1964 boycott of Cleveland Schools. Discrimination and segregation that took place within the Cleveland school system.

Feature Interview: Leana Lattanzio spoke with Sharmeen Khan, adminstrative coordinator of QP3903 which dedicates to representing, organizing and activating the contract faculty at York University. Sharmeen discusses about status of professorship regarding the issues faced by contract faculties today. [repeat]

Independent Arts Report:  Danae Peart interviews Ori Dagan, an independent Toronto-based musician recently anointed by CBC as ‘Canada’s next best crooner’  [repeat]

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