News Now – June 18, 2012

York Connection – “Multiculturalism within a Bilingual Framework” 

News Now Correspondent, Anthony Salemi, catches up with York University Professor, Eva Haque, about her new book “Multiculturalism within a Bilingual Framework: Language, Race, and Belonging in Canada.” Haque speaks to the disregard of Indigenous communities in Canada’s 1960’s Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Multiculturalism and the ongoing struggle of Canadian immigrants to find belonging within, what is Constitutionally construed as, a white-settler, French/English colony.

Listen to the clip:

People’s History Spotlight – 2005, March On Ottawa

In 2005, immigrants, refugees, non-status people and their allies embarked on an 8-day, 200km march from Montreal to Ottawa to express their belief that, “There is no such thing as an illegal human being, only unjust laws and illegitimate governments.” Today on CHRY’s People’s History Spotlight, News Now reporter, Daniela Mastrocola looks at this vocal rejection of immigration policies that dehumanize human beings and violate an individual’s right to live with security.

Listen to the Clip:


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