News Now – June 14, 2012

People’s History Spotlight – Che Guevara

Though his face may be iconic, his biography may be less well known. News Now Producer, Olivia Chandler, celebrates Che Guevara’s birthday and lifelong commitment to social justice on today’s People History Spotlight.

After turning away from a career in medicine, the Argentinian-born revolutionary met Fidel Castro in 1954 and made the decision to join the Cuban resistance against American-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista. And, as they say, the rest is history…

Listen to the clip:

Independent Arts Report – Parkdale Film & Video Showcase


Did you know that Toronto’s Parkdale region has the highest concentration of arts and culture workers in all of Ontario?

On today’s Independent Arts Report, News Now Correspondent, Myles Marcus, speaks with Elizabeth Underhill about the celebration of these artists and their audiences at the Parkdale Film & Video Showcase. In its fourteenth year, this pay-what-you-can festival reflects the vibrancy and diversity of the Parkdale community.

Listen to the clip:


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