News Now – June 12, 2012

People’s History Spotlight – 1843, 20 Striking Workers Shot

News Now Producer, Shanice Grocia, recounts the history of striking workers who were shot-at by the Canadian army while protesting the working conditions of the Lachine Canal in 1843, one of the most notorious instances of suppression faced by striking workers in Canadian history. This massacre would become a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle for legitimacy, expression, and rights faced by the very labourers whose hard work have built and continue to build the most vital parts of Canada’s infrastructure.

Listen to the clip:

Feature: Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) on Motion 312

News Now Reporter, Daniela Mastrocola, speaks with Joyce Arthur, the Executive Director of ARCC, about Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s proposal of Motion 312. Although Prime Minister Harper vowed not to re-open the “abortion debate” during the last election, Joyce locates Motion 312 within a historical (and ongoing) effort to deny women many of the basic rights guaranteed under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including the right to life and liberty. If successful, Motion 312 would establish a Parliamentary Committee to consider whether a fetus is entitled to protection as a “person” under the law at any point during a woman’s pregnancy. Joyce speaks to the total disregard of the pregnant woman in the wording of Motion 312 and the risk that if successful, such a motion could re-criminalize abortion in Canada.

Listen to the clip:

Full text of Motion 312 available here:


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