News Now – June 11, 2012

People’s History Spotlight – 1872, Labour Unions Become Legal in Canada

On this day in 1872, labour unions became legal in Canada! News Now Correspondent, Anthony Salemi, looks at this revolutionary moment in Canadian history, when Canadians finally earned the right to form unions in order to collectively fight for better working conditions, including decent wages and working hours. Prior to this advancement, unionizing labourers faced the risk of being charged with conspiracy violations.

Listen to the clip:

Feature Interview with CAPA ,Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault

On today’s feature, News Now Reporter Amy Ness speaks with Dr. Bonnie Burstow, an anti-psychiatry activist with the Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault. Dr. Burstow explains CAPA’s affiliation with the Occupy Movement as a unique opportunity to express CAPA’s fundamental opposition to psychiatry. According to Dr. Burstow, psychiatric treatments are based on an essentially inaccurate understanding of human beings and may actually cause harm to “patients.”

Listen to the clip:

Independent Arts Report – Filmmaker Suresh Pillai

News Now Correspondent, Omme Salma-Rahemtullah, speaks with filmmaker Suresh Pillai in anticipation of this Friday’s screening of his two documentaries, “Jahaji Bhai” and “Songs of Malabarise.” Rooted in his personal experience as an Indian migrant, and in response to what Pillai perceives to be an unclear and ambiguous explanation of Indian diaspora on the part of the Indian government, Pillai explores the complicated history of Indigenous Indian culture and the many stages of Indian migration to the Caribbean.

Listen to the clip:


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