News Now May 28, 2012

News Now – May 28, 2012 

People’s History Spotlight – Nik Wallenda

On today’s People’s History Spotlight, News Now Reporter, Rosemarie Bowen, looks at Nik Wallenda’s lifelong dedication to daredevil stunts. A descendent of the “The Flying Wallendas,” Nik Wallenda has set multiple Guinness world records, including travelling the greatest height and longest distance by bike on high-wire in 2008. With the support of Conservative leader Tim Hudak, Wallenda has been granted permission from the Niagara Park Commission Board to walk across the Niagara Falls on tightrope on June 15, 2012!

Listen to the clip:

Today’s Feature – P. A. R. C. (Parkdale Activity Recreation Center)


News Now Correspondent Amy Ness speaks with Alain Levesque, Program Chef, and James Partenan, Kitchen Crew Leader, from the Parkdale Activity Recreation Center (P.A.R.C.), about P.A.R.C.’s efforts to address the unmet needs of the Parkdale community. P.A.R.C. strives to improve the physical health and mental well-being of participants of the food program by providing them with a nutritious meal and a place to socialize. Through its drop-in center, P.A.R.C. serves approximately 80,000 meals per year, in addition to the 25,000 meals per year that are served through its supportive housing establishment. Many of the individuals who rely on P.A.R.C.’s food program are also dependent on government assistance, which Levesque believes is out of date with the rising costs of housing in Toronto. Witnessing the ongoing barriers to socioeconomic security faced by members of the Parkdale community, and the government’s non-responsiveness, Levesque anticipates that the community’s need for P.A.R.C.’s food program will continue to grow.

Individuals interested in volunteering for P.A.R.C. may contact Alain Levesque at (416) 537-2262 ext. 278.

Listen to the clip:


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