News Now: Prison Justice Day

The first few segments of the News Now Archives for Prison Justice Day have been uploaded.

Monday’s episode of EcoNews Now featured two interviews that combined the interests of political prisoners and environmental activism. The first interview featured Phoenix of the Canadian Prison Advocacy and Outreach Collision.  Listen to the clip below:

The second interview was with Tom Stevens, supporter of Marie Mason, a victim of the “green scare” sweeping the United States. For more information, visit Free Listen to the clip below:

On Tuesday, News Now featured an interview with the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association about the Cuban Five Prisoners. Visit CCFA Toronto and listen to the clip below:

EDIT 15/08/11: Several more News Now features are now available on the CHRY News Blog. The clips are below.

On Thursday, CHRY Contributing News Volunteer Abdul, wrote and recorded a segment about Angola 3. For more information, visit Angola Listen to the audio below:

An interview with Irwin Elman, the Ontario Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth was aired and came courtesy of CFRC Kingston. Listen to the clip below:

And finally, Anabel was able to interview Phoenix of the Canadian Prison Advocacy and Outreach Coalition who featured poetry and letters written by prisoners. Listen below:

On Friday, News Now featured clips from the documentary, Life and Debt.

For more information about Prisoner Justice Day, visit Prison


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