News Now: May 30 – June 3 2011

Last week’s episodes of the CHRY News Now Archives are now available. These episodes ran from May 30 to June 3, 2011.

On Monday, May 30, the Econews segment of News Now played a clip courtesy of NPR’s show, “Fresh Air” that discusses environmental concerns as they apply to real people and real politics. To listen to the interview with Lester Brown visit Food: The Hidden Driver of Global Politics.

On Tuesday, May 31, News Now featured a segment with Dr. Patricia Keith, a prominent and local figure. Along with News Now host, Dr. Keith examines and explains the process of adopting children from other countries. Dr. Keith works at the Breakfree Family Centre in Etobicoke. Listen to the clip below:

The Wednesday, June 1 episode of News Now featured an interview with St. Clair-based Pastor Audley Goulbourne and Toronto-based Lawyer Suzanne Johnson. Both were speaking to a series of Immigration Legal Clinics that were happening in the city. Listen to the clip below:

The second interview on the show was with Toronto-based artist, Quentin “Vercetty” Lindsay. His work is on display at Studio 251 from June 17th – June 24th. For more information about his showcase entitled 21 By 21 visit B Listen to the clip below:

On Thursday, May 2, News Now featured a clip by Peter Collins, a prisoner detained at Bath Correctional Facility, for possessing alleged “contraband.” The clip will be available to listen to in the near future.

Friday, June 3‘s edition of News Now paid homage to two recent and saddened deaths, those of Gil-Scott Heron and Black Panther member, Geranimo Pratt. The Tivoli Drummers who are holding a performance at the Jane-Finch Community Centre on June 11, 2011, were interviewed and featured. Listen to an excerpt of the show below:


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